Buying A Paintball Gun With Bitcoin

Buying A Paintball Gun With Bitcoin

To truly reach its potential, bitcoin needs to be easily used to buy your favorite things. Fortunately, the number of vendors, manufacturers, eCommerce stores, and brick and mortar locations accepting bitcoin is growing. But, there is another option. Services such as Bitpay allow vendors to accept bitcoin payments without ever actually holding any bitcoins themselves. So here is our guide to buying a paintball marker with bitcoin.

Your decision to buy a paintball gun depends on how you might answer a few questions about gun preference, and how you like to play the game. Which of the three types of paintball guns work best for you? How much money do you want to spend on a paintball gun its accessories? How do you like to play paintball…are you a stealth player, or do you like to run around and shoot fast? A paintball gun is also called a “paintball marker.” The paintball pellets are filled with a tinted liquid that is supposed to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and won’t stain your clothes.

The three types of paintball guns are pump, mechanical, and electronic.

  • Pump guns are the oldest, and push the paintball into the chamber by “pumping” a device on the gun. It is difficult to use this gun against players with semi automatic paintball markers because they will have the advantage of being able to get more shots out of their guns than you will. It is harder for a beginner to operate due to the skill and accuracy it requires to hit the target with a pump gun. Those who like to have lots of firepower would not enjoy using this type of paintball marker.
  • Mechanical paintball guns are the most commonly used by those who play for fun. They are semi automatic and a player gets one shot per trigger pull. They are reasonably priced and easy to use with good accessories. These paintball markers have different designs, focusing around the use of CO2 or compressed air, which power the gun. It is important to choose a place to play that has a supply of these two items (or bring your own backup), because you can’t play anymore if you run out of fuel for your gun.
  • Electronic paintball guns used to be expensive, luxury items but now cost less. The paintball marker is fired by an “electric solenoid” usually powered by a 9 volt battery. When the trigger is pulled, it activates a “micro switch” or a laser beam. The player can get high rates of fire when pulling the trigger of this gun. The electronic gun has a circuit board that controls which mode of shooting the player wants to use.

Pump guns are the most cost effective with the lowest fire power rate. Mechanical and electronic paintball gun costs are going to depend on what kinds of accessories you choose and your access to CO2, compressed air, and batteries. As you research the type of paintball gun you would like to have, also consider the recoil and ease of maintenance of each type of marker you are considering. Another cost figure into your budget, is rental of a location to play paintball if you live in an area where playing is prohibited. There are organizations and teams that you can join if you really get into the sport, which will help with learning more about paintball, having people to play with, splitting the cost if you do have to rent somewhere to play, and having a great time with people who share your hobby.

After selecting the appropriate paintball marker, find an eCommerce store that accepts bitcoin. Or, try convincing one to start using Bitpay, it is hassle free.